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Larry Barnes Foundation - Boise, Idaho
Edmark Family Foundation - Eagle, Idaho
Food and Fiber Technologies
Shiloh Counseling Center - Boise, Idaho Web Site -
Shiloh Fellowship - Boise, Idaho Web Site -
Crane Creek Baptist Church - Boise, Idaho

Collister Community Church - Boise, Idaho
Resurrection Fellowship - Boise, Idaho

IN-KIND GIFTS - Estimated Value = $ 400,000 +

Proposed Hospital Design

Architectural Inspiration by Jesus of Nazareth through Leonardo Da Vinci c.1490)
Hospital mission design donated by Todd Charlton - Boise, Idaho
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* Architectural Supervision donated by Ernie Lombard, A.I.A. - Eagle, Idaho and Lombard & Conrad Architecural firm of Boise, Idaho
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Interior Design donated by Rhonda Lombard, Professional Interior Designer - Eagle, Idaho

Previous Site Plan Architecture donated by Patrick McKeegan - Boise, Idaho

Web Site -
Email -

Drafting donated by Kris Kettelle of Entranco - Boise, Idaho

Previous Drafting donated by ITT Technical Institute-Boise, Idaho (Earl Faulkner-Director of Drafting)

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Psychiatric Health Care Consulting donated by Paul Henry of Paul Henry & Associates - Holland, Pennsylvania

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Psychiatric Hospital Operations Advising donated by Kimbro Stephans & Living Hope Hospital - Texarkana, Arkansas

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Electrical Engineering Advice donated by Jon Busack - Eagle, Idaho

Civil Engineering donated by David Collins-Boise, Idaho

Mechanical Engineering donated by Steve Bastian (Elkhorn Engineering)-Boise, Idaho

Structural Engineering donated by Bryce Stapley of Stapley Engineering-Boise, Idaho

Pre-Construction Management donated by Petra, Inc.-Boise, Idaho

Web Site -
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Building Fabrication ($30,000 value) donated by Hobson Fabricating, Inc. - Boise, Idaho

Concrete ($3,000 value) donated by Mountain Home Redi-Mix - Mountain Home, Idaho

Property Development Legal Services donated by Attorney Barry Peters, J.D. - Eagle, Idaho

Promotional Material Design donated by Fosella & Associates-Boise, Idaho

Web Site -

Promotional Folder and Brochure donated by Lithocraft Inc.-Boise, Idaho

Promotional Folder Full Color Inserts donated by The Printing Press-Boise, Idaho.

Shiloh Counseling Center - Boise, Idaho

Chigbrow & Company - Boise, Idaho
Web site hosting donated by Treasure Valley Christian News - Boise, Idaho
Wal Mart - Boise, Idaho
All About Offices - Boise, Idaho
Minuteman Printing & Thermography - Boise, Idaho
Les Bois Metro Online - Boise, Idaho
Integrity Online - Boise, Idaho Web Site -
Digital Marketing Inc. - Boise, Idaho Web Site -
Crow & Associates - Boise, Idaho
IC Printing - Boise, Idaho
Lithocraft Printers - Boise, Idaho
Xpedx Paper - Boise, Idaho
Zao Copier Service - Boise, Idaho
Paul Smith Color Lab - Boise, Idaho
Bea's Business Products &Gifts,Inc. - Boise, Idaho
Unisource Paper - Boise, Idaho
Capitol Office Machines - Boise, Idaho
Northwest Printers - Boise, Idaho
Hope TV (Channel 22 UHF Television) - Nampa, Idaho
The Prep Department - Boise, Idaho
ESP Printing - Boise, Idaho
CyberExchange - Boise, Idaho
The Printing Press - Boise, Idaho
TaxMan Plus - Boise, Idaho
The Regional Telephone Directory - Boise, Idaho
Avista Communications - Coeur'd'Alene, Idaho
Christian Physician Recruiter - Bluefield, West Virginia Web Site -
Redletter Publishing - Fort Collins, Colorado Web Site -


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